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VHF stands for Very High Frequency in Marine VHF Radio, which means that you can broadcast radio messages over long distances. The VHF radio you choose depends on either the type of boat or ship you decide. 

Fixed VHF radios simply become more popular because they have a constant flow of power and can sometimes give a stronger signal. However, for rescue boats, portable units are the only option as there is no source for continuous power. 

 Marine VHF Radio

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While fixed units are primarily for large fishing vessels and the portable unit is perfect for casual boaters. If you are unfamiliar with what a marine radio is, you cannot be everyday friends. It is a way for radio boats to communicate with each other at one frequency, like a walkie talkie. 

These radios can be used for emergencies, to establish communication with ports, and also to avoid any harmful collisions between ships and boats on the water. An important thing to remember about marine VHF radio is that the communication you establish should not be for gossip or personal use.

Use only the radio to establish the need for information or emergency contact with the Coast Guard. Believe it or not, if the Coast Guard overhears you use abuse or tell of gossip that they can stop the connection and even accuse the press. It is an international crisis channel that can help you in any type of emergency. 

Your Guide to Understanding Marine VHF Radio
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