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An agent who is registered with a migration agency should be able to provide a seven-digit MARN number that typically begins with zero.

Agents' registration is available on the website.

Migration Agents are legally accountable for their advice regarding visas like business migration to Australia. Because of this, many agents are not able to answer some questions via phone because there is a significant chance of giving incorrect advice.

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Migration agents are not allowed to make false claims about the outcome of the application for a visa.

Why you should select an accredited migration agent:

Picking choosing an authorized agent gives security since one is confident that they will be working with an expert. Additionally, they take the burden out of the Visa processing process and present your case in the most professional possible manner. Making the move to Australia isn't easy and a Registered Migration Agent will assist you in determining which route is best for you. There are a variety of various visa subclasses that can be difficult to understand. They can help provide you with a clear and professional guide to selecting the best visa subclass for your needs.

A Migration Agent will help the person undergoing the process of obtaining an immigration visa and assist the applicant through the correct procedure whether the application is successful or not.

It is a crime in Australia when Migration Agents aren't registered with MARA (Office of the Migration Agents Register Authority). It is also illegal to provide advice on migration in the absence of registration. They are subject to a Code of Conduct to provide the highest quality and fairness of service.

Why Should You Always Consult With The Australian Registered Migration Agent