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For many, learning yoga is all about coming back to its roots and that's India. However, in India too, there are numerous cities to choose from for your next yoga retreat. Goa is a popular choice. Better known as the land of the beaches, Goa has much more to offer than simply yoga.

You can also visit for yoga teacher training in Goa.

Well, here's a list of reasons to book your next yoga retreat in Goa.

1. Yoga centers –

Goa is home to a great number of yoga retreat centers spread in different parts of the state, spanning from north to south. Mandrem Beach, Patnem beach, Cola beach (Canacona), Assagao, Anjuna Beach, Colva beach, Verla Canca, and Ashvem Beach are just to name a few.

They offer a range of programs from beginner to advanced levels as well as yoga teacher training certifications and drop-in yoga classes. Most of the centers are open from October to May as this is the peak season; however, you will also find centers you can drop in at throughout the year.

2. Relaxed pace of life –

Goa is not so much about a routine. Here you won't find people rushing to their 9-5 jobs; the economy in Goa is based more on tourism and that includes renting houses, bikes, and restaurants. People are known to be "Susegad". This relaxed attitude that pushes you to enjoy life to its fullest can really help you unwind from the stresses of your mundane life.

Why Choose Goa for Your Next Yoga Retreat
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