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In terms of success, AR has been a more accepted innovation in the market space. Hardware devices such as Google Glass that lets you view digital content on a tiny screen placed in front of the user's eye have boosted the application of AR.

When it comes to VR its application is still less profitable in terms of capability of transforming existing realities. The rise of Oculus Rift can help to get it closer to the level Augmented Reality has reached. You can also know more about Augmented Reality by visiting

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Both the technologies can co-exist in the marketplace, however, a careful merging of reality and digital world that takes place in Augmented Reality Programming is a far better option than a separate space for the virtual world. Because there is no anchor involved in this programming, it provides more flexibility in the consumer market and thus more scope for investors and marketers.

Augmented Reality Programming is an excellent way for businesses to be ahead of everyone in terms of customer relations, innovation and new ventures. It is the new big thing in the world of brand management and advertising. It is crucial for every firm in every sector to get updated with this technology for their own benefits.

The vision of Software developers has changed significantly. It is not limited now to a black screen is the medium of interaction between the real world and the virtual. Even for the users, it is exciting to expect a near future gaming experience that is more immersive rather than an old-fashioned way of gaming through PlayStations or Computers.

Which of them is better?- Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality