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Working with licensed real estate professionals who have special knowledge about your market is a very important starting point. And when you talk with various agents, you will learn that they will claim to be professionals in your area.

But knowing the market is only one component of a good agent. There is still a lot to consider in choosing the right real estate professional. If you are looking for luxury real estate then you can explore

This is what I look for when people ask me to refer them to agents in their area:

1.) What are the special names that agents have that show their ability to help you? I consider the specific needs of the client and then try to find an agent who is qualified to serve their best interests.

2.) Does the agent have a network of industry-related support specialists available to help? Does the agent have predetermined resources to provide access to information that will relate to the buying and selling process?

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Can agents easily provide access to community services, loans and home repairs that will benefit clients? Working with an agent who has created a framework for a smooth transaction process means you are in good hands and can trust the agent to be ready to help along the way through closing the sale.

3.) Are agents responsive to consumer needs? Do they communicate effectively with the people around them? Do they give me real answers to my questions? Or do they tell me what they think I want to hear? When you are passionate about buying a home, it is easy to just hear what you want.

4.) Can agents provide their service reviews from past clients? Has their past business supported their ability to serve your best interests? The client's willingness in the past to get good reviews about the agent is a direct correlation with the agency's ability to serve clients as real estate professionals.

What To Look in Real Estate Agent