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Whether your case involves a divorce, child custody dispute, child support obligations, or restraining order, it is important to get a good family law attorney.Keep reading to learn what to search for when looking for family law attorneys. If you want to know more about the best family law lawyers Sydney, visit

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Empathetic and understanding 

In regards to a legal issue concerning your loved ones, like a child custody situation, it can be tricky to move past the emotions at hand and progress to resolution.You must find a family law attorney that will listen to you and understand your priorities and concerns about your kids, and always put your needs and the needs of your kids first.  

Vigorous at litigation

Family law is not just about being sensitive to your needs, however.You require a family lawyer who will actively participate in settlement discussions or vigorously litigate your case. 

Your divorce lawyer or child custody lawyer should always supply you with a solid analysis of your situation and start to work immediately to tailor a solution that lets you resolve problems and proceed with your life as fast as possible. 

Knowledgeable and resourceful

Family law, particularly family law in Sydney could be very complex. Divorce in Sydney, for instance, almost always requires the help of a competent divorce lawyer.

Your family law attorney has to know about the constantly evolving family case law and legislation that affects divorce and child custody cases and should make you aware of each step of the procedure. 


Last but not least, since family courts may differ by county, you would like a family law lawyer who's accessible and local.That means being able to reach them by telephone – and being able to speak with a live person – during working hours (8 am – 6 pm).

What To Look For In A Family Law Attorney