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Indonesia is a very popular country for tourists who love to visit on a yearly basis to have fun. This country is home to over 17,000 small islands allowing travelers to have a great time at some of the best beaches, beautiful surroundings, and more. If you’re wondering what makes Indonesia worth visiting, then these are a few reasons behind the popularity of this country.

  1. A Home of Islands – As mentioned before, Indonesia has over 17,000 tiny islands. This gives you the chance for island-hopping and having a great time with friends and family members.
  2. A Home of Delicious Food – It wouldn’t make sense to travel to Indonesia and filling your stomach with the regular burgers and salads from McDonald’s and Subway. Instead, try some of the best delicacies Indonesia has to offer such as the likes of fried rice, Indonesian Satay, oxtail soup etc.
  3. A Home of Friendly Hawkers – As mentioned earlier, Indonesian cuisine is different and delicious. And when it comes to food a great advantage here to try out some of the delicacies by stopping at a few hawkers. You are bound to find a ton of hawkers in almost every corner of Indonesia for a treat to your stomach.
  4. A Home of the Best Beaches – The 17,000 plus islands has given rise to some of the best beaches in Indonesia. You are bound to enjoy the white sands, water sporting activities such as snorkeling, surfing, etc for a fun day.

With these reasons, you should book for the best package for your Indonesia tour.

What Makes Indonesia Worth Visiting?