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Cuban Cigars are the best cigars in the world, and the most expensive. Cuban cigars are some of the finest cigars available and the most expensive. Its distinctive flavor and aroma earned it the nickname The Forbidden Fruit. These cigars are made by master cigar rollers, also known as torcedores and all this process is done and shown in extravagant cuba cigar factory tours which are open for all cigar lovers.

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They are master cigar rollers and are considered to be artists in their fields. They are made in Cuba using high-quality tobacco, fillers, and wrapper-grown tobacco leaves in state-owned manufacturing companies. The final touch is added by skilled and experienced tobacco trollers. 

These Cuban cigars are extremely popular all around the world, but due to Cuba's support for the Soviet Union during the cold war, they have been banned in the USA. Although you may have heard about its availability in the USA at $100 per box, they are most likely not original and come from Taiwan.

The USA has 95% of all cigars that claim to be from Cuba. You can expect to pay at least $500 for a genuine Cuban cigar. Every box comes with a green-white warranty seal. These cigars are extremely expensive, and sellers don't often bargain for their price. It's illegal in the USA to sell these cigarettes and anyone who offers them for sale is likely to be a fake. Only its closest customers can exchange their goods with the seller.

What Makes Cuba Famous in Cuban Cigars
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