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Pink Himalayan salt comes from the Aswan region of Egypt. When pink Himalayan salt was first mined in the 19th century, it was considered to be a luxury item that came from only a few select locations around the world. The discovery of a less expensive way to use the salt during the second world war changed all that.

Pink Himalayan salt became a sign of wealth and status in Egypt. It became a precious commodity in trade and had to be shipped in massive quantities. All this added to the demand for pink Himalayan salt, and the price of the salt skyrocketed over the years.

It wasn't until a visit to the United States by the Saudi King, that the country became the major consumer of the salt and started to start a large commercial scale production. Today, the pink Himalayan salt is marketed in places like Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, and parts of the US.

The main difference between the pink Himalayan salt and the white sea salt is the color. This color is considered an indicator of purity.

When looking for pink salt, avoid buying from processed store brands. When purchasing a bag of pink Himalayan salt, you should look for a high grade salt product and make sure that the bag says "salted to perfection" on the label.

The pink salt is also commonly used in traditional Egyptian dishes. In Middle Eastern cuisine, it is often used as a seasoning.

If you are preparing foods that will require you to use pink salt, try using it in small amounts. Even if you use pink Himalayan salt sparingly in your recipes, it can cause problems with your food if it is overused.

When adding pink Himalayan salt to your recipe, start with one teaspoon of salt. Mix this into the ingredients you are using. If you are adding ingredients to your dish such as tomatoes, use about two tablespoons.

If you are adding lemon or lime juice to your dish, use a spoonful of pink salt and then use the same spoonful of lemon or lime juice to balance the flavor. Adding a teaspoon of sugar to the mixture is another way to add flavor without adding salt.

When baking with salt, it is important to use large amounts of salt in a large mixing bowl. Avoid using cookie cutters as it can get very messy when you are scooping the salt out of the bowl.

If you are making desserts, keep in mind that even more pink salt can be used. You should only sprinkle just enough of the salt onto the surface of the finished cake to give it a nice flavor, but if you want it to be heavier, sprinkle it with a whole teaspoon of salt.

There are many recipes that use salt, and you will find that they will make good dessert when sprinkled with some pink salt. The salt adds a lovely texture to many dishes and desserts that usually do not have any.

What is Pink Himalayan Salt?