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Boxing could probably be one of the sports that implement ironically safety rules. There is no way a boxer can prevent body pain, bruises and other injuries in the sport in which punching and beating the opponent are the things that make up the game. Each boxer must know the rules boxing security to stay safe and healthy in and out of the ring.

All boxers must have a regular physical exam. According to the World Boxing Foundation, the doctor who will review must be approved by the local boxing commission. Each boxer must report its results of physical examination in each boxing match. The results show that a boxer is healthy for a game. You can also visit some websites such as http:/ and many more for getting more information regarding boxing.

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Boxers must always wear appropriate protective equipment for each training or combat. To protect the head, hats are essential to protect the head, ears, cheeks, and chin during sparring. It is multi-layered and gel doubled boxers avoid bruises and cuts. For hand protection, envelopes by hand and boxing gloves are very important for protecting the hands of the direct impact of contact boxers against opponents.

The Mouthpiece is also essential to protect teeth and prevent boxers from accidentally bite their lips or tongue. Males should wear protection to protect the groin, kidneys, liver, and abdomen accidental blows while women must wear chest protection to protect the breasts and ribs.

There should always be a doctor available to enter the ring every turn and assess the health and safety of boxers. The doctor informs the referee on his/her findings and recommendations as to whether a boxer is still able to fight or not.

What Are The Safety Rules In Boxing?