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Several things fall into the category of art deco glass. If you want to buy high-quality fused glass art supplies, you must have some knowledge about them.


Amber, topaz, blue, green (earth colors). Red or "ruby" glass is often displayed. Cobalt blue glass is the most sought after. I've also seen a lot of "glass smoke", a nice effect!

Shape and texture

Like an art deco ceramic, glass vases, including geometric, angular, uniform, mathematical, graduation, and concentric designs. I always thought it was modern and simple, not overly designed. In other words, each art deco vase contains only one or two artistic themes that are repeated or reflected throughout the piece, and these themes never conflict, they are only complementary.

Artistic elements

Molded glass: artisans take sacks of glass (in liquid or gel state) and print using special glass-making tools, with blown glass to create a shape, and then place the glass that is formed in the water to cool it and fix it.

Acid Etching – A process used by famous manufacturers such as Lalique, Tiffany, and Daum (among others). Acid etching involves the introduction of acids into surfaces (metal, glass, etc.) causing a "backlash."

Crushed glass: This is the effect that is created by heating and reheating the glass and then rolling them into small pieces of "fried glass" and finally soaking all the parts in cold water. When finished, the vase appears to have thousands of tiny cracks, almost like a cobweb.

What are the main characteristics of Art Decor?
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