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Finding a real estate agent is not easy. You must hire people who are professional, reliable, dependable, and experienced. Hiring an agent, who is inexperienced, unskilled, or dishonest, can waste your money and time. So, bad real estate agents must be avoided.

To protect yourself from a fraudulent agent, you can hire an agent from a trusted website. If you are in search of the best realtor in Ottawa Christine Hauschild could be one of your options. Or else, you can check out these warning signs:

Your agent never contacts you.

Lack of communication between you and your agent shows several things. Either someone hasn't asked about the property you are trying to sell; your agent has not found a home that meets your requirements or your agent does not take work seriously.

Even if there are no significant developments, your agent is responsible for regularly updating you. No communication should be taken as a sign of disrespect.

Your agent is a yes-man.

You hire an agent so you can benefit from their experience in buying and selling the property. If they nod their heads at everything you say this might be considered a sign of ineffectiveness. Your agent must be someone who produces a fair price for your home, not you.

If your agent is only asking for your opinion about the cost of the property you want to sell and put it on the market, you might have to start looking for another agent who really knows what he is doing.

Warning Signs Of Bad Property Agents