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There are many opinions about who wrote the Bible, and most of them make very strong arguments for the person making the request that there is often some supporting evidence to support their opinion.

There are a number of facts that allow for different opinions.

  • The undeniable fact is that the Bible was written and developed over a long period of time starting over 2,000 years ago. As a result, a number of variants can only develop through human error and interpretation. Click to find out more about different variants of the Bible. 

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  • There wasn't much coordination in gathering and gathering scriptures to combine them into what became the biblical books. There is and has been, much debate about which books should be included, so there are different versions of the Bible based on the content received.
  • Many of the books were written by a number of different people who together composed the teachings or lives and times of a particular person or group, which may even have been passed down, and many of the details have been passed down orally.
  • Politically and religiously there are many reasons to accept certain aspects of the Bible for personal gain or the authority of the church or authority, making the accepted version the norm for a controlled society.
  • When one looks at the implications of these facts, it is easy to see that the logistics of creating documents over hundreds of years with limited coordination, poor printing methods, doubts about the authenticity, and political pressures to control content have resulted in many variations.
Various Facts About Who Wrote The Bible
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