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Thumb or finger sucking is a normal reflex that provides comfort and soothes to toddlers and infants. Children should stop sucking their finger/thumb when the strong/permanent teeth are willing to erupt. 

Usually, kids stop thumb sucking in-between 2 to 4 growth years. If still, your kid is not stopping his thumb sucking habit then this may cause a dangerous effect on teeth. To get orthodontists recommended thumb sucking device visit

Thumb sucking that continues beyond the outburst of permanent teeth can cause improper growth of the mouth and malalignment of the teeth. A more permanent solution for thumb sucking is a tool called "Rake Thumb Sucking Appliance".

This tool is cemented on the permanent molars over six years and is positioned behind the upper front teeth on the roof of the mouth. It consists of a semicircular sweep of stainless steel wire which was tied to the molar teeth using a steel band. 

The stainless steel wire fits behind the upper front teeth of children. This tool does not cause discomfort and is not affected by eating. It serves as a reminder to children that the thumb is not supposed to be in his mouth. The rake usually stops the habit of thumb sucking in a few weeks or months.

Tongue thrusting Appliance

Tongue thrusting, simply defined, is the custom of placing the tongue in the wrong position when swallowing too far forward or to the side. The constant pressure will force the teeth and tongue arches of alignment. 

In addition to the pressure exerted on swallowing, nerve thrusts also push the tongue against the teeth while it is at rest. This is an intentional, subconscious habit that is difficult to correct.

Use Thumb Sucking Appliance To Break The Habit