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Cannabis is mainly the buds, leaves, or flowers of the cannabis plant, which are used for smoking after drying it. It is available either as a resin which needs to be heated in order to be smoked.

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Cannabis is referred to by many different names, including hash, skunk, and weed. Names tend to vary from place to place. An important tip for people who know or work with users is that it tends to be best to just call a drug by its name, and not to try to use or anticipate terms that people themselves might use.

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Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug. The crime survey reports around 2.2 million people used it among which people or youngsters aged from 12-59 were involved.

Method of Use

Cannabis is usually smoked in spliffs or joints (with tobacco) or on its own in bongs or buckets, which are popular with heavy cannabis smokers. 

A spliff or joint is essentially a cigarette paper with tobacco in it. The cannabis is crumbled into that mixture. The joint is then rolled and then smoked. 


Cannabis produces a rapid high that lasts a few hours. The effects of cannabis are partially dependent on the user; some users become happy, relaxed, and giggly, whilst others report anxiety, irrational suspicion, and laziness. It is unclear why, but effects can vary drastically not only between people but on the same person at different times.

Use Of Cannabis