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Whether you like it or not, battery safety is a vital part of vaping. If we don’t want our newsfeeds flooded with stories of teenagers disfigured by exploding vaporizers, we have to spread this knowledge far and wide. So give this article a read. It might just come in handy one day.

A vaporizer battery is nothing special.

This is almost identical to keep your battery in your pocket throughout the year, inches from your genitals. You can look for the best wholesale vape shop at

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I'm talking about your mobile lithium ions. The same type of battery you will find on your laptop, and your tablet, and your PS4 controller. They are everywhere. And for good reason, lithium-ion chemistry offers a lot of power while staying relatively safe.

They are so safe, in fact, that they are the most common type of battery used in medical devices. They even attached to the human heart. Almost all battery-powered device was released in the last decade their use. They accounted for almost half of all current battery.

Aside from the fact that it is now cool to hatred on vaping, the answer lies not in what they are, but in how they are used. While the battery is no less safe than the vaporizer cell phone batteries, they are more prone to user error.

Your smartphone uses a specially designed lithium-ion, specially selected to meet the physical demands of the device. It is tested thousands of times in the most stressful conditions that may result in your phone. And then it is tested again.

Ultimate Vapers Guide to Battery Safety