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The style and shape of your sink have a huge impact on the overall look of your home bar. Choosing the best sink for your bar is a decision you want to make right the first time to save on expensive replacement parts in the future.

There are now a variety of options for bar wash basins– from smaller, space-saving sinks to commercial sinks (which have multiple compartments). To help you decide, you need to think about the space you have available and the amount and quality of entertainment you'll be providing in your home bar.

In fact, before designing your bar area, you need to anticipate how much fun you will have, how many guests you will meet at one time, and how far apart your kitchen and bar area will be.

Bar Sink For Small Parties

A small sink may suffice for these tasks, or a single-compartment stainless steel sink may even save you space. It may also be best for you to mount the sink on the counter under the bar as that is where it is most convenient. 

Bar Sink For Big Parties

If you plan to have more frequent and larger parties, you should consider reserving a seat at the bar and opt for a sink with 2 or even 3 spaces. Frequent and long trips to your kitchen to clean and rinse glasses and other bar equipment can not only distract your guests but also distract you from opportunities to entertain them.

Types of Bar Sinks For Small And Large Parties
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