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Time and attendance management systems allow each student to improve and become more productive and fulfilled individually, so logical effects throughout the college from good or poor time management are very large. With proper application, they can even become a tool for the college. For more information about tracking software, check out on google about online student attendance tracker, which provides effortless attendance tracking.

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So browse away, and happy downloading!

1. Peterson's College Guide

What it does – allows you to search for information on thousands of institutions, including statistics such as selectivity, financial aid, and the courses offered.

Best used for – quick research or browsing to get ideas about different schools. For extensive research, relying on information from the school admissions office and website.

2. High-Confidential Mobile App

What it does – provide college admissions articles and allow participants to discuss various parts of the admissions process. You can participate in discussions on a trip, check out college applications blogs, and interact with other users.

3. Future U-SAT

What it does – it allows you to play the game SAT preparation on the trip. The game is based on the Kaplan curriculum and accompanied by test-taking tips.

Favorite feature – the portable nature of the application allows you to study anytime or anywhere, which is great for test preparation.

Top 3 Apps for College Applicants and Students
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