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From time to time, each owner is expected to make a small fix-it job in their home. Not each owner is a "handyman," in itself, but it is always significant to have a small tool kit that is neat, organized, and in great condition.

Here are the best tools that the owner of each apparatus kit should contain:

1. Hammer

A hammer is required for driving brads or nails. The hammers are available in different sizes, usually per ounce size of the head. 

technician tool kit

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2. Flathead screwdriver

You will need one with about 1/4 inch midrange slot through the head. The end of the screwdriver should be square and good for protection reasons. If you can afford it, buy a small set of 4 or 5 separate size screwdrivers.

3. Screwdriver Phillips head

For the average homeowner, a point #2 screwdrivers will be most helpful as it will fit the most screws. If you use a screwdriver, also make sure to check the state of the art. It should have good, sharp points.

4. Wrench

A wrench is an essential part of a toolkit. It should be square and hexagonal nuts of 1/4 inch usually up to 1 inch. If you wish, you can also buy a wrench that fits nuts over 1 inch in diameter.

5. Pliers

The hole on one side of a pair of slip-joint pliers looks like a figure 8. This is so the clip can hold two distinct sizes of handles, large and small.

Took Kit Essentials You Should Have