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The popularity of timber-framed housing is borne out by the fact that nearly 70 percent of the developed world's population lives in timber-framed houses.

Construction of Timber Framed Houses

The structures are mostly built in large warehouses using conventional and traditional methods. The mode of the manufacturer has changed from the earlier lap joints to pegged mortise and tenon joints.

Moreover, the frame is strengthened so that it can bear the total weight of the structure. Splines and metal brackets are not used nowadays. You can also get the installation services of timber frames and trusses in Newcastle.

Different types of strong and durable wood such as Eastern White Pine, Oak, Cedar, and Douglas fir are used to make this housing.

Advantages of Timber Framed Houses

Speed of Assembly: Once the knocked-down frames are received from the warehouse, it takes relatively very little time to assemble the frames at the site and to erect them.

Convenient Heating or Cooling Properties: The housing has very effective insulation properties mainly because of the insulated exterior sheathing.

Strength and Durability: Timber-framed houses have a lot of strength and can withstand adverse weather conditions for a much longer time than other wooden homes.

Cost: Building these homes proves to be much cheaper than building other types of homes. Considerable savings are achieved because of low labor costs and the economy achieved due to efficient heating or cooling.

Timber framed housing, especially if it is procured from reliable online suppliers, can provide strength, durability, rustic looks, beautiful designs, and cost savings.

Timber Framed Housing In Newcastle