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The landscape is the word which is used to define the visible features of an area of land like, plains, rivers, canals, mountains, roads, buildings, wells, sea, landforms, vegetations, forests, plants and transitory elements like weather, clouds, lighting.

On the other hand landscape, architecture is the design of the land and public spaces to meet certain environmental, social, and aesthetic requirements. To get more info about landscape architecture you can search the browser.

In much simpler words, the changes made in the natural landscape by man to fulfill certain requirements, for example, cutting down trees and clearing the land to build a house, etc.

Landscape architecture is a multidisciplinary field incorporating many aspects of phytology, horticulture, fine arts, construction, industrial design, earth sciences, environmental science, geography, ecology, and geology.

The landscape architects works on all kinds of projects, large or small, doesn't matter, because the main thing behind any project is that, it has to be completed to fulfill certain requirements.

The types of the projects are quite large, however, some of the examples are planning form and scale of the new developments, civil designs, home and other businesses designs, parks, botanical gardens, zoos, recreational parks, highways, roads, streets, overhead bridges, roundabouts, dams, reservoirs, barrages, power stations, tourist destinations, hotels, motels, restaurants, hospitals, recreational facilities, schools, universities, industrial parks, estate developments, housing schemes, urban designs, design of the buildings, etc.

Landscaping architecture dates before the 1800s, at that time, the gardens were the main things the people of that time spent time on to make them a masterpiece, however, with time people started to plan things and started carving up the building to make them beautiful, an interesting and detailed history can be found on the internet, regarding this type field.

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