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Most people invest their super in super large funds collected with other super members and managed professionally by the trustee of the fund. The alternative is to set up a self-managed super fund (SMSF) is a way for people to control and run their savings for retirement for their own benefit.

SMSF is not suitable for everyone, they are suitable for those who have super-large savings, financially intelligent and have the time to manage it. Additional control over your investment does add to the workload, responsibilities, costs, and risks.

Requirements for Running an SMSF

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) manages the SMSF and recommends meeting a licensed professional who is qualified to help you decide whether running an SMSF will be the best approach to managing your super funds. You can also get services of SMSF audit & accountant in Moonee Ponds via

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Licensed financial advisors, tax agents, and accountants can help you understand what is involved and your choices.

Arrange annual SMSF audits by approved auditors

If desired, you can pay an advisor to carry out administration and or assist with SMSF investment decisions. Even if you ask for help from a professional, you are personally responsible for the decisions taken by these funds. You cannot continue your responsibilities; You need to understand your advisor's actions clearly.

SMSF Considerations

Before you set up SMSF, consider the following:

• Other Super Flexible Options: Some professionally managed super funds allow you to choose assets for super investments, including ETFs and shares, allowing you to exercise control without assuming management responsibility for SMSF.

Performance: You should consider whether your SMSF will outperform professionally managed funds.

Costs: Costs for running the SMSF include investment funds, accounting, and annual audits. These costs, which can be much higher than your current investment costs, will cut your retirement investment.

Things To Consider Before Starting A Self-Managed Super Fund