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The process of finding a trustworthy solar installer panel can be daunting; You trawl the internet and local directory search for the perfect company to install your solar system.

And then did not know what to ask them when you find one. This article a simple tackle the top 5 things you should ask your solar installer panel before you go ahead with the installation.

The most important thing to ask your solar panel installers are they accredited? To become the best solar panels in North Queensland. you must be MCS accredited, which means that they have completed and passed all the required courses to become a solar panel installer.

To verify that your system is genuine and solar installers have MCS accreditation you can only visit MCS register. From here you can find the installer and installer database check to verify that a company is accredited by the MCS.

Now that you have MCS accredited installer you need to consult with them about what kind of system will suit you and your property. After doing so the installer you should present you with a proposal for the best system that suits you and your property needs.

It should include the size of the panel, the number of solar panels that they will use, which KW your system and solar panel manufacturers that are used in your new system.

Things to Ask Your Solar Panel Installer