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affiliate marketing mythsMyth 1 – Affiliate Marketing is Easy

Not true in my opinion. On the surface it may seem as though all you need to do is make a website and put the essential banners and links on it and you are done, right? Wrong.

Ask yourself a few questions and dispelling this myth will become very clear. Do you know how to build a quality website? What is a quality website? How do I generate traffic and attract customers to my website? These are just a few questions that address just the website piece of the puzzle. There are still many other questions to be answered for the other pieces of the affiliate marketing puzzle. I will address those at various points throughout this website.

Myth 2 – Affiliate Marketing is on the Decline

Not true in my opinion. Sometimes this kind of statement can be heard from those who think the wild west early days of affiliate marketing reached a peak and now it’s on the decline. I disagree. While the way affiliate marketing is executed has evolved to more of a performance-based marketing criterion, that does not equate to a decline. It goes without saying that the internet with its global presence and emerging markets will continue to grow in users, services and merchant presence. It’s these merchants that will continue to find the incremental sales increases that are realized from affiliate marketing programs. Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion-dollar market…it’s not going away anytime soon.

Myth 3 – Affiliate Marketing Requires Promoting Many Products

Not true in my opinion. The trend is actually going in the opposite direction with quality now being ranked higher than quantity. What does this mean? It means if you quickly throw together a website with links to as many products as possible thinking you’ll have that many more chances for income… think again. Don’t plan on getting too far with your affiliate marketing career if this is your mindset. Think quality content over quantity.

If we put this in terms of a brick and mortar store, consider this. Store A has a nice flashy store front with many neon signs inviting customers to come inside while store B has a more professional appearance that is perhaps less attention grabbing. When you go inside store A you find many things on the shelf but almost nothing of interest and no relevance from one product to another. You also don’t find anyone inside store A with any knowledge of these products. When you go in store B you find a nice collection of a smaller number of items, but all are relevant to your interest. You also meet a store owner who has in depth knowledge of these products…where will you do your shopping? Websites are your store, remember that.

Myth 4 – Affiliate Marketing Can Make You Rich Fast

Not true in my opinion. While anything is possible and no doubt there are some that were in just the right place at just the right time and made a lot of money fast, that is not the norm. If your expectations are to make fast money become a 12 minute affiliate, then affiliate marketing may not be your calling. It’s important to remember that building a successful online business is no different than building a brick and mortar business. It takes a solid foundation to start and then lots of time, hard work and persistence. The money will follow but not before the honest effort is applied.

Myth 5 – Affiliate Marketing Has Too Much Competition

Not true in my opinion. Perhaps you are thinking what products or niche you can promote with affiliate marketing. Your mind is swirling with ideas and you do a little bit of research and draw the conclusion there are too many marketers already in your space.  That’s something not totally uncommon to hear. Sure, there is plenty of competition but in a multi-billion dollar industry why wouldn’t there be? That’s a lot of money up for grabs. Just like any established industry there is bound to be competition. If there was no competition it would be a red flag to a dead-end industry in my mind. The key concerning competition is knowing how to stand out from the crowd. Where and how to get help and so forth.

 Myth 6 – Affiliate Marketing is Hard

Not true in my opinion. Ok, I know this is a direct contradiction to the first myth I listed, so let me explain. Is affiliate marketing hard work? Absolutely and undeniably. Is affiliate marketing hard? Not in the sense it cannot be done, and it helps tremendously if you know where and how to get help. Many people may say they don’t want to try affiliate marketing because it’s an unknown to them so it must be hard. Affiliate marketing is not too hard if you know where to get good training and help. That’s one of the reasons this site exists, as a place you can get help and learn some things about affiliate marketing.

This is a list of some of the more common myths you may hear as you speak to people about affiliate marketing or do some of your own research. I’m a proponent of affiliate marketing as a business because of the many benefits to being an affiliate marketer. I’ll discuss some of these benefits in another page of

One last note as I close this section out. In Myth 6 I made reference to knowing where and how to get help in getting started in the affiliate marketing business. Once again, I will strongly encourage you to go see the program being offered by Wealthy Affiliate. It will not cost you anything but a little bit of time to sign up and read all about it. You may see that it can change your life if you choose to take action.

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The Top Myths About Affiliate Marketing