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An SPT is a form that needs to be filled out for domestic income (now HM and Customs income) and details things like your income. The amount of tax payable can be seen from the SPT.

When an income tax return in Point Cook is issued, you are required by law to fill out the item. Otherwise, you will be fined £100. Anyone who fills out a tax return with the software will receive a notification that the tax return is due. 

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If taxpayers have not received a tax return but have a tax liability, they must notify HMRC which can then issue the return. Making a tax return is one of those things we build in our minds like a big deal when it's not needed. It's like painting a living room. Prepare and submit your own tax returns electronically.

A tax return is sometimes required for other reasons, such as verifying that taxes have generally been paid correctly. So if a tax return is mailed to you, you should fill it out and send it back, even if you don't think you need to pay any additional taxes.

When filing a tax return, there are three possible outcomes: either the taxpayer is overcharged or undercharged on their income, or they are charged the correct amount. 

The Importance of Filing Your Tax Return in Point Cook