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Including customer testimonials on your website can boost sales, establish trust in your customers, and increase your credibility. They are an invaluable tool, and if used properly can highly benefit your website. You can get the best client, corporate, and customer testimonial videos service for your business online.

How to Use Customer Testimonials to Generate 62% More Revenue

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Here are a few considerations to keep in mind regarding the use of testimonials.

Getting Testimonials

It is best to get testimonials from customers as soon as possible after they have received the product/service so that it is still fresh in their minds. Consider sending out a follow-up email to customers with an easy-to-fill-out form that asks for feedback. Make sure you ask permission to use the testimonial, along with any personal information you may use such as their name. 

Choosing Which Testimonials to Use

It is of utmost importance that you use credible testimonials from actual customers. Many websites find it easier to fabricate testimonials, but these overly flattering statements are usually flagged as fake by customers. 

You want to use testimonials that provide details and explain how the product/service has satisfied the customer's need. You should also include the customer's name, where they live, and their business or occupation if relevant.

Online Review Sites

Testimonials can also be used to manage your reputation on online review sites. Consider sending customers a link to your business page on local search directories such as Google Places or Yahoo Local. Positive testimonials on review sites not only help drive traffic to your website but also improve your reputation across the internet.

Testimonials are a great tool for websites but don't stop there. Consider using testimonials on other promotional materials as well. 

The Benefits of Customer Testimonials