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Shopping for oriental carpets? There are many types of rugs available from various parts of the world. They are all unique in design and style depending on where they are made.

Most are considered antique and valuable. Before purchasing oriental weaver area rugs, consider what purpose will and style you are looking for. Whatever the carpet you choose, remember that they are fragile and must be cleaned by a professional who is experienced with cleaning Oriental rugs.

It is good to know the difference between oriental and Persian carpets while shopping. usually, hand-knotted oriental rugs and comes from Asia. Some of the largest exporters are the USA, China, India, Turkey, and Pakistan. A very wide range of oriental carpets are available and they are different in design, color, and texture.

Persian carpets are still oriental carpets, but they are only made in Iran. Some are named after the cities they were created in but as demand for them increases, they began to be made in other areas under the original name. The most popular design is Hamadan, Tabriz, Heris, and Dubba. Persian rugs have a very high pile, unique design, and use lots of rich colors. Oriental and Persian rugs are usually hand-knitted.

The Basics Of Oriental Rugs