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Choosing the right location to live or buy your dream home is challenging. This is true if you are planning to live and buy property in Singapore, there are various things that you have to keep in mind. Covid-19 has pushed people to buy their own homes in Singapore, especially with work-from-home arrangements. The Listing Colony helps in providing real estate Knowledge for better real estate decisions. They guide their clients to choose the best Residence in Singapore. You can also look for Stirling Residences is an affordable property option that you can buy. 

Consider your priorities before deciding where your first home should be:

While buying a private property check the location where you are going to buy your house. Location is the biggest factor in choosing a house. Keep in mind the few things like:

  • Distance from the MRT station
  • Distance from your workplace
  • Distance from your parents

Stirling Residence will have all these facilities. They have well-designed units with spacious and optimized layouts. The layout of each unit in the Stirling Residences Condo is world-class architecturally designed.

List of Properties that foreigners can purchase in Singapore without seeking approval:

  • A flat unit
  • Condominium
  • For Commercial (Shophouse)
  • Industrial and commercial properties including registered hotels are under the provisions of the Hotel Act.

What will be the Maximum Tenure a Foreigner can get on property loans in Singapore?

The tenure for leasehold and freehold property for foreigners in Singapore is 35 years or 75 years of age. Freehold property is more expensive than leasehold property because it has no time limit.

So, there are the measures and points that you have to check while owning a property in Singapore. If you still want more deep information regarding purchasing private property in Singapore, then you can browse through the web.

Stirling Residences – Layout With Excellent Liveable And Usable Space