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Most people can benefit from seeing a counselor at some point in their lives. Having feedback and perspective of a trained professional can be invaluable when you sort through the issues of the past, as well as address the challenges of life today. You can visit The Therapy Place to get the best clinical counselors in BC.

However, your choice of counselors has a strong bearing on the level of benefits. Choosing the right counselor for you is simple as you follow a few basic steps. Here are four steps to choose the best therapist to help you:

  • Assess what your particular needs. Having past trauma issues? Determining what you are struggling with and selecting counselors who specialize in those areas.


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  • Talk to at least three different counselors before making your decision on who to choose as your therapist. Many people miss this step, but it is very important. You will invest time, energy, and money into your therapeutic relationship with this person. 
  • It is very important that you choose someone with whom you have a good level of comfort. If you have family or friends who can offer referrals, add them to your list, but remember that it is suitable for one person may not be the best for others.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask your potential counselor. Find out what their approach to the session is, what their area of specialization is, how much they charge, whether they accept your insurance, what identity, what the cancellation policy, and how accessible they are out of time appointment in case of emergency.


Steps For Choosing The Best Therapist For You