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Netgear Genie is an app used to manage your wireless network. This app helps you control, handle and monitor your office or home wireless network with a single click of mouse.  Netgear Genie app offers many other features like:

  • Debug any issue within the network
  • Provides parental control feature
  • Perform a network speed test
  • Comes with a traffic meter to monitor internet traffic
  • Set up a guest network for friends or family
  • Securely connect mobile devices to network using a QR code
  • Easily change the SSID or password of your wireless network

Steps For Netgear Genie Smart Setup

  1. Power on your modem and wait until all the lights remain stable
  2. Power on your Netgear router and wait until power light turns solid green
  3. Open the web browser on your computer or laptop and enter the following URLs in to the address bar .
  4. Login to your router interface using default username and password.
  5. Once the smart setup dashboard open, click on advance tab then click on set up wizard
  6. Setup wizard will take a few minutes to detect your internet connection and display the congratulation page when display.

In case you are still not able to setup your router and facing any issue then feels free to connect My Wifi Ext Fix experts and get the needed help.

Step By Step Netgear Genie Smart Setup Process