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A patient with stage 3 kidney disease suffers from moderate renal impairment. As renal function decreases, waste products will build up in the blood that would cause a condition called uremia. During the phase, 3 people will be more likely to develop complications such as anemia, bone disease, and high blood pressure. You can discover more about kidney specialist through

Stage 3 Kidney Disease Treatments

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Stage 3 Kidney Disease Lifestyle Changes

During stage 3 kidney disease patients may experience symptoms such as fluid retention and swelling in the extremities, changes in urination, kidney pain that is felt in the back, problems sleeping at night because of restless legs and muscle cramps and changes in urination. As the third stage of progress, the patient should see a specialist.

A nephrologist conduct tests to obtain information about the patient's condition so that they can determine the best advice for treatment. The aim specialist is to help patients to keep their kidneys functioning as long as possible.

During the third stage, the patient will be referred to a dietician. Because the diet is an important part of the treatment, a dietitian will review the lab person and would recommend the meal plan designed to meet the needs of the patient.

Eating the right diet will help to preserve kidney function and overall health of the patient. This type of diet will usually consist of eating high-quality protein and potassium.

Limiting the amount of phosphorus you eat to maintain normal levels and prevent bone diseases will also be very important. It would be beneficial to work with a renal dietitian for the stage of the disease changes so will the needs of the patient's diet.

Stage 3 Kidney Disease Treatments