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If you're already marketing your business online with a business website, that's great. If you are just now getting a small business website design, here are a few easy (and free) tips to keep in mind that can make your business website a lead gathering machine, and a real asset for your business.

Even if you've just hired a website design company, now is the time to give them the direction they need to build up your great website that will work for a living. If you are looking for the Web Design & development company in New York, then you can browse web.

If you already have a business website that does not give you the leads and contacts every day, there's hope. If you take the necessary action to change the websites that are around, I can assure you that it will be a great addition to your marketing efforts.

Provide information that is relevant and timely

Remember, your visitors look to you to solve a problem. They want information from you before they will spend any money with you. If your website has the information they need (and not just items or services for sale), the chances get much better that they will turn from visitors into customers and clients who purchase what you have to offer.

Get Their Email Address

It was a known fact that the money is in the list! Even if visitors do not make a purchase on the first visit to your website, if you can capture their email addresses you can keep your business in front of them for months to come up by sending a brief email, relevant and timely to let them know about your specials, sales, etc.

Small Business Website Design – Easy Tips for a Great Business Website