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Mountain biking and road biking look like they are similar, right? While you’ll wear the same activewear for both sports, there are some differences. Road cycling is a more elegant sport that focuses on efficiency and speed. Shorts and jerseys for road cycling are best.

Form fitting shorts will make you look and feel great, and allow you to fit in with road cycling’s subculture. It is important that jerseys are fitted properly and don’t flap in the wind. Road cycling jerseys can be worn with shorts, or as a statement of style. If you’re looking to buy mountain jerseys visit  for good quality stuff.

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Mountain biking is more casual in attitude and attire. Mountain biking is more about baggy shorts that allow you to move around the bike and avoid obstacles. These shorts are an exclusive piece of women’s sporting clothing. They are cut specifically for women and have a chamois pad insert. 

For women’s activewear, a relaxed or semi-form fitted jersey is the best choice. This will ensure comfort and style while mountain biking.The differences in helmets for each sport are easy to spot. Mountain biking helmets will generally cover more of your head (mainly in the back) and include a visor at the front to block out the sun and protect your eyes from low-hanging branches and bushes.

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