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Whether you're a buyer or seller of diamond jewelry, this article is perfect for learning how to sell your jewelry without having to deal with any traditional retail jewelers.

Background on selling diamonds

Diamonds are a popular choice for jewelry, as they are durable and have a high value. However, selling diamonds without dealing with a traditional jeweler can be difficult. Here are some tips for selling diamonds without a jeweler:

1. research the market. Know what prices diamonds are being sold for in your area and make sure your diamond is priced well below those prices. Diamonds that are overpriced will not sell well.

2. advertise your services online and in print media. Make sure to include contact information so potential buyers can contact you directly if they want to buy a diamond ring or other piece of jewelry from you.

Where to sell diamond jewelry.

There are a few places you can sell diamond jewelry without having to deal with a traditional jeweler. One option is online auction sites.

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You can also sell your diamonds through a direct sale, which is when you contact a buyer who wants to buy your diamonds without going through a middleman. Another option is to sell your diamonds at a local jewelry show. 


Selling diamond jewelry can be a daunting task if you are not used to working with jewelers. However, there are a few simple steps that you can take to sell your diamond jewelry without having to deal with a traditional jeweler.

Sell Diamond Jewelry Without Dealing With A Traditional Jeweler