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The Sydney photographer industry is vast, with photographers specializing in particular niches. When you look in the Yellow Pages directory for Sydney (who looks in Yellow Pages nowadays?) there are quite a number of Sydney photographers listed, all offering different types of photography services.

Here is the Sydney photographer industry: There are advertising and fashion, aerial type photos, commercial and industrial, general, portrait, scientific and wedding photographers.

Advertising and fashion Sydney photographers focus on jobs involving the print advertising and publishing industry. They love creativity and work on the higher end jobs.

General photographers in Sydney don't specialise on any particular type of photography. They are the great all rounder who can do all types of photography.

Portrait photographers in Sydney are usually the people with studio setups in shopping centers or in a shop. They take memorable photos to keep on the mantle.

Scientific photographers specialise on taking photos of research type materials for documentation and publication purposes within the scientific community.

Sydney wedding photographers specialise in capturing that one special day of your life: Your wedding day.

One of the important steps in choosing a photographer based in Sydney is in looking at what your photography needs are. When you know what you want, what you're budget is, then you can go and shop around comparing photography styles and pricing schemes.

Searching for the Best Photography Shop in Sydney