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There are many companies that will ship your vehicle to a destination in another country even if the country abroad. An international car shipping company in the industry usually ship with containers and transport vessels at its disposal.

If you can not find a particular company on the internet is the online brokerage company that will research it for you and get a quote for you so that you can compare prices. If you are looking for export car transport then check this out.

The rules regarding international car shipping is a little tighter than required for delivery within a country. All cars must be in good condition before they can be loaded for transport.

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Only factory installed equipment can be in the car, they do not have to contain personal items and keys should not  be left with the car.

Reservations are not allowed and loading on a first-come, first-served basis. Companies are on a tight schedule and will only accept the existing car when the ship is ready to leave.

Although your car is not exposed to the elements, to be stored below deck roll on / roll off ship – similar to those on the ferry. Because the ship had to go through customs when arriving in another country, you must have proof that you have a vehicle and full payment is required in advance. If you owe money on a vehicle, such as a bank loan, you must also provide a letter of permission from the lender that you are allowed to ship the vehicle.

Regulations Regarding International Car Shipping