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Modern hostels are now becoming the best thing when it comes to staying compared to luxury hotels. There are many reasons behind the success of hostel over hotel. For instance; you get to save a lot, meet new people, drink in bars and more. If you are traveling and wish to stay in a hostel, then these reasons will encourage staying in one.

  1. Cheap – As mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of staying in a hostel is you get to save more. Moreover, the service too is good enough or sometimes even same you would get from a fancy hotel staff.
  2. Internet –Accessing the internet in the past was hard. However, modern hostels are known to offer better internet connections. Thanks to technology, this is one of the major reasons that make staying in a hostel better compared to hotel.
  3. Convenient Location – Another reason that will encourage you to stay in a hostel is the convenient location. Majority of hostels are now centrally located which allows you to explore nearby attractions and sights.
  4. Cook Your Own – Another reason to look forward to is if you need to save money on food, then modern hostels allow the traveler to cook their own meal. This means, you don’t need to spend a fortune on those regular burgers or sandwiches.
  5. Meet Them –If you love to meet new people and talk to them, you can do exactly in a hostel. The same experience cannot be seen that often while staying in a hotel.

With the help of these reasons, you are bound to have a great time staying in Canggu hostel.

Reasons that will Encourage you to Stay in a Hostel