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Generally, when selecting cage accessories for your pet lizard, you want things that are most closely related to the type of environment your pet lizard lives in. Even though your reptiles are usually bred in captivity, you still want them to feel safe in their surroundings and the terrarium is pleasing to the eye.

Always buy your cage accessories from a reputable reptile supply company. You don't want to buy items that have been brought in from outside without being treated properly. Many items purchased at the pet store are made of resin. Resin rocks are easy to sterilize, especially if you have more than one cage, and you want to move items from cage to cage. You can buy high quality reptile enclosure accessories online through Reptiz.

Bearded dragons love the smooth grapevine branches that have been specially treated to place under your pet lizard's heat lamp. Make sure the branch isn't too long for your lizard to burn itself under the lamp.

Never use heat rocks for your pet lizards. Heat rocks can cause severe burns and cause internal damage to your reptile. Always use a heat lamp under which your lizard can sit.

Another consideration is the substrate for your reptile cage to reach. Cage rugs are a favorite because they are easy to clean and if you have more than one, you can replace the carpet while the other is drying. Other substrates are clean white paper, calcium sand, and rabbit pellets.

Do not use substances that lizards cannot digest such as corn cob bedding, wood chips, or shaving of any kind. These types of beds are not made for your pet reptile, snake, or lizard. When your pet lizard tries to eat the crickets, some of the shavings or bark may be ingested at the same time, and cause bowel obstruction. This can seriously injure your pet lizard.

The only type of sand that is safe for bearded dragons is calcium sand. It will say that the pet is safe for lizards. Again, exercise caution when buying sand for your hatchling Beardie. If too much sand is ingested, it can cause terminal internal damage.

The safest and the easiest substrate is either reptile carpet or clean white paper. We chose a green reptile carpet with a heavy resin basking rock, which gives our Beardie something to hide with along with the grapevine branch she loves to hang out with.


Pet Lizards and Reptiles – Cage Accessories and Substrates
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