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You will make a lifetime purchase. You have displayed two diamonds of the same size and similar styles, but the price is very different.

Knowledgeable Salesperson will educate you about differences in clarity, colors, and cuts that make quality stones higher, and thus more expensive than others. You can also buy oriental rugs online via

A good oriental rug store will offer a choice of carpets that are sometimes confusing. Like diamonds, hand-woven oriental carpets can be a lifetime purchase. You want to get information about the quality of your prospective purchases.

In the store, look for a stack that is packed with a meeting. Paste your finger into the stack. If you really feel feed, the tapestry will not be used too. In some weaving areas, to save time, only the border node is looped more than two warps and knots in the middle is "JUFI" bound, which means they are bound by more than four warps. This divides two piles of density.

Some deviations in construction to be tolerated. Even though the rug feels wider above than at the bottom, or lifted in the middle, it might be worth lower. Different tensions in the eater that cause this also show the carpet made badly. Some design deviations are often attractive to tribal carpets and testifying with their hand-woven characters.

Very misleading to suggest that the quality of the oriental carpet is determined by the number of nodes. This is a myth that is enshrined by uniformed sales personnel who do not understand some of their complexity. It can also be used to justify a higher price for carpets that are actually worth lower. It is true that the number of nodes can enter the quality equation, but not directly.

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