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The introduction of new technology and methods has allowed developed countries to make rapid progress in the fishing industry. Capture different species of fish and sea creatures, you may need different types of fishing vessel in Canada depending on where you are located. 

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They also come in rental form. Many fishermen don't have their own boats so they rent a fishing boat to make their livelihood. 

There are three types of commercial fishing boat, which are listed below.

  • Trawlers

Trawlers have large fishing nets that can capture fish and other marine animals. The nets are conical-shaped and attach to the back of the boat. This type of fishing vessel is most commonly used in the North Sea, where you can find flat fish and shrimps. 

The trawler can be used in any weather condition and may even be used to go deep into the sea. A trawler usually carries one or two vessels on each side. This net not only allows you to catch fish, but also other sea creatures. 

  • Seiners: 

These are large commercial skiff boats. However, small seiner boats can also be purchased like a canoe. A large seiner net is crafted in such a manner that it can capture fish easily. The net may be able to pull out large numbers of fish in one go. Smaller seiners use nets that can be cast by hand. 

  • Line vessels

These boats or line vessels are used to catch heavy fish. There are three types: factory long liners, bottom long liners, and mid-water long liners. For fish that are found in the bottom of the ocean, bottom long liners will be used. 

There are many sizes of commercial fishing boats. Fishermen often switch between different types of fish, and many species are disappearing due to the availability of modern fishing techniques.

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