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Neon lights are lights that have neon gas inside them at low pressure. Many a times, other inert gases like Argon, Krypton, Helium and Xenon might also be used. Nevertheless, they are still called by the same name.

The neon lights are available in different sizes and shapes, presenting different colors. Mainly, neon produces a bright red glow. As for argon filled tubes, the illumination is lighter than neon. Usually, the colors produced by argon filled tubes are yellow, blue, green and white.

There are a lot of reasons why neon lights are useful for advertising. Signboards are very important to advertising, and using neon lights on these boards can brighten up the total image. The biggest reason why neon lights are feasible is because it is easy to maintain them.

Signboards might get accumulated with dirt and debris with time, making them appear unattractive. On the other hand, neon lights are easy to maintain. Neon lights will maintain their shine as long as they are lit. This is because they are made of glass.

They are also able to maintain their luminescence for long because they use charged inert gases between the tube walls. These lights are growing popular at a rapid level. If you look at the long-term effect of this popularity, the demand is soon going to increase the supply. 

Neon Lights – The New Age In Advertising
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