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There are certain features we always mention when talking about watches. These include the dial, the color, and the functions. The strap is often forgotten by most people. The bracelet or watch strap is an integral part of a timepiece.

Watch straps and bracelets can be made from many materials today. We will explore the most common materials that watchmakers use to make this important part of a timepiece. You can also find klokkerem p nett (“online watch strap” in English language) via


Watch straps were made from leather in the early days. Genuine leather is made of tanned skins or hides from animals such as cows, goats, and sheep. An Anglo-Swiss firm called Dimier Freres & Cie registered the first wristwatch with wire lugs in 1903. It also included a leather strap. 

These timepieces were called 'trench' and 'officer watches during World War I. The rugged look of leather straps is a result of their durability and resilience. Wristwatches have been able to transcend the social barrier by using leather straps.

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Titanium is a strong metal, so it's a good choice for those who expect their watches to get beaten up. This is why titanium is used in the construction of aircraft. Titanium is light, despite its strength.


Gold bracelets are luxurious and elegant. It's no wonder it's considered a precious metal. A gold watch is a great investment. It will look amazing on your wrist and in your portfolio. You can also sell gold watches if they are not in your price range.

Most Common Watch Strap Materials
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