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Many recent studies have shown, much to the delight of the people of yoga, mindfulness meditation scientifically verified to help reduce anxiety. Sometimes called mindfulness-based stress reduction, or MBSR, when studied in a scientific setting, but it is a conscious form of meditation.

These studies show particular promise for mindfulness meditation in the treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder, or SAD, and in combination with cognitive behavioral therapy. If you are looking for mindfulness practices then check

Hybrids between cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness meditation has even been developed, called a consciousness-based cognitive therapy. Participants who underwent cognitive therapy based consciousness is found to have not only a decrease in the symptoms of anxiety, but also symptoms of depression.

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The influence of self-knowledge and awareness certainly should not be underestimated either. Long touted as a major psychological benefits become conscious during meditation, have far-reaching consequences, especially for people with social anxiety.

Since anxiety is formed of negative emotions in the past projections and does not help in the future, bringing awareness to the current cutting off the main mechanism of social anxiety, and indeed anxiety in general.

Those who practice mindfulness meditation to learn to see their thoughts for what they are, just thoughts and not necessarily the truth. This helps people with anxiety release from the spiral of negative thoughts that often cause anxiety, emotion freeing them to respond to other things.

Mindfulness Meditation To Suppress Anxiety