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Microblading, eyebrow treatments, and other procedures are gender-neutral. When it comes to eyebrows, both men and women suffer from the same problems. Alopecia, diseases, hairless, thinning, and scarring, as well as the desire to always look their best.

Men today care as much about their appearance as women. All ages desire to look great. Men are putting more emphasis on their appearance and, just like women, they don't have the time or desire to do it every day.

The only variations in the Microblading technique are the brow mapping and appointment time. Although the golden ratio is still used in brow mapping, men's brows are larger and less tidy than women's brows. You can get the best service of microblading eyebrows for men via

Manscaping - Men's Brows - Japonesque

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Men prefer to look less polished. Because of the difference in their eyebrow sizes, men's eyebrows take slightly longer to apply. Men's eyebrows should be defined and not have obvious gaps. They shouldn't look over-groomed.

Does male Microblading look natural?

It looks natural. Microblading can be customized to make it look bolder or less natural depending on your needs. This can be achieved by men who prefer to keep their eyebrows private.

How much time does it take?

Your brow treatment's longevity depends on many factors, including your skin type (dry or oily), lifestyle (sunny holidays), and how well you prep and follow-up, as well as maintenance. A 6-month, annual, or 18-month treatment may be required.

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