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If the water coming out of your heater has a bad odor, strange color, or sediments, it is a clear indication that cleaning is needed. A decrease in the efficiency of the heater is also a signal that it's time for a maintenance check in the Central Coast.

Your hot-water heater will cause your energy bills to soar, if not maintained properly. An Anode rod is one of the most vital components of a heater. The presence of orange-colored water under the rod could be a clear signal that it must get replaced. You can also hire professional hot water repair & maintenance in Central Coast, NSW at best price.

It is best not to wait for your hot-water heater to give out rust-colored water or fall to the floor owing to corroding before you call the faucet repair service. Proper water heater maintenance helps you save money in different ways. It will increase the heater's life span, avoid the requirement to shop for a brand new one and ensure effective use of energy.

Common issues and their solutions

The build-up of sediments and minerals is frequently the main reason behind hot-water heater issues. Sediments collected at the bottom of your hot-water heater may be simply cleaned using a brush and garden hose. You'll be able to simply scrub out the sediments then flush them away using the hose. It is recommended to try and do this at least once a year. 

If your hot-water heater provides too cold or too hot water, you'll be able to solve this drawback with simple changes in the thermostat.  

Make Your Water Heater More Durable With Proper Maintenance