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Education is vital in every person’s life. Without education you cannot live a better life in this society. Every day you learn something new from the shared knowledge of other people through their ways of teaching or learning independently. We study to develop our power of judgment and reasoning or preparing oneself intellectually for mature life.

Today, you can be educated in many means. With the help of the latest technologies, education has expanded rapidly beyond our imagination. You can now study whatever you want, whenever and wherever you are. You can also know more about interactive learning methods via

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This learning process is what we call online education. It is also known as distance learning and teaching using technologies to reach learners at a distance. The difference between online educations from traditional way of teaching is that there is no face to face education. It uses computer network to present or distribute educational content in the form of text, animation, audio, video and image.

Independent study has now become widely known especially in progressive countries. You can have an easy access to educational institutions, work sites and community centres. A lifelong learning is very accessible using the modern communication technologies.

Most people who engage in distance learning are usually the ones with on-going obligations such as family, responsibilities, handicaps or people living in isolated areas.

It has expected that the inventions of high technologies like the computers will play an integral part in our lives. Its development and expansion will help us in making our life easier and with comfort. Each day people are getting busier.

Time will come that the traditional way of teaching and learning will just be a part of history and the latest trend in education will take place.

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