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African art is one of the most colorful of all local artworks in the world yet this art style originates from the "dark continent" of Africa. African painting can depict life in Africa with rural scenes where people do daily activities such as cooking, raising children and playing. 

Of course, there are pictures of majestic African wildlife, including lions, elephants, giraffes and rhinos. There are many famous african art galleries in New York where you can visit and explore more. To know more information regarding african art galleries in New York you can visit

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Some African art is very realistic while others are very abstract. However, both are very inspiring and show how proud African artists are of their homeland.

Some of the most sought-after pieces among African art collectors are African tribal masks. There are masks for ceremonies, rituals, battles and storytelling. 

African tribal masks can represent traits as diverse as courage, strength, protection, peace, fertility, honor and wisdom. There are even tribal masks of African animals such as elephants, zebras and antelopes.

Craftsmen in Africa made a wide variety of carvings, sculptures with different backgrounds. The cuts can be made of wood, clay, and various types of metal. African carving includes both humans and animals. Actual African carvings and sculptures can be individual pieces or as wall carvings.

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