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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, generally known as ADD (attention deficit disorder). It is a neurological disorder that a person typically feels as if they are not in control of their mind. Such symptoms of ADHD usually include hyperactivity, mood swings, distraction, and amnesia. 

Depending on the scope of a person's ADHD, these symptoms can range from very severe to mild and wholly unnoticeable. The most common age for a person to be diagnosed with ADHD disorder is while they are in grade school. Vyvanse is the latest ADHD medicine to be approved. You can buy Vyvanse medicine via the online source.

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Most often a teacher will recognize that a child is having a difficult time focusing in class and will recommend that the child and parents meet with a school psychologist or psychiatrist. From those who are diagnosed as children, approximately thirty to seventy percent will retain the disorder as they age to adulthood.

When children are diagnosed with ADHD disorder, the first sign is usually their inattentiveness. Some children also show signs of impulsive behavior and destructiveness, compounding on the problem. 

Many children are very active, as children tend to be, leading them to find the lack of mental stimulation in some classrooms to be utterly boring. Since they are forced to attend school, they have only a few minutes each day during recess and lunch breaks to expel that energy. 

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