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The control of veterinary medicinal products is not a new topic in the law, in recent years there has been an increased focus on this topic. Broad subjects of veterinary law include animal disease control, veterinary medicine product control, veterinary profession regulation, and animal feed control.

A number of trends have influenced the global spread and control of animal diseases in the past decade. The most important thing is the increase in animal movements due to improved transportation systems. You can also get more information about veterinary drugs at

Structural adjustment programs in many countries have reduced formal animal health services, political instability, and climate change. The purpose of veterinary control organizations is to provide useful information about veterinary drugs.

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The goals of veterinary drugs control is looking at where the subject lies within the general topic of animal health, and how drugs control relates to other topics such as human health.

When drafting veterinary drugs there is a need to understand the domestic and international legal framework on which each country operates.

Drugs are one chemical input in animal production; insecticides, animal feeds, and fertilizers are others. How does veterinary drug control relate to the regulation of these chemicals? Drugs control covers not only drugs for use on animals but also drugs for human use.

How does the veterinary drug regime relate to the regime for controlling human drugs? A further aspect is that the proposed legislation must be appropriate to the particular needs and circumstances of the country concerned.

The relevant international agreements and organizations relating to animal health, veterinary drugs, and trade will also be considered.

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