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Even though Fosamax osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) suits and Fosamax femur suits bracket against Merck, it seems bisphosphonates trigger still another side effect: kidney impairment. As is frequently true, the producer warned foreign physicians first.

This time it's Reclast, a bisphosphonate quite like Fosamax, made by Novartis. Get more info about Truvada kidney lawyer, through

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At April 20, 2010, Novartis had obtained 265 reports of Reclast-caused liver damage, therefore at the next October, it delivered a Dear Doctor letter to Canadian doctors warning them of the issue. Novartis confessed that using only 1 dose Reclast can lead to kidney failure that needs dialysis.

On occasion, the harm can be deadly. More frequently than Fosamax, Reclast is administered by intravenous injection. The advantage of this mechanism is that not one of the bisphosphonate is wasted, and it is an issue with that drug course.

A consumer watchdog group, Public Citizen, captured on Novartis's 2010 correspondence and delivered its own to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in March of 2011. Inside, Public Citizen urged the FDA to take Novartis to send an identical Dear Doctor letter to American physicians.

This new wave of bisphosphonate unwanted effects shows both Merck and Novartis failed to adequately study their medication before selling them to the general public. They cause ONJ and irregular low-impact femur fractures, and we could add kidney harm into the listing.

If you have taken Fosamax and you also endured a femur fracture, then do not wait for Merck to address the problem it created.

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